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Periquest | Learning Technology Specialists | Lancashire

Create Cost Effective and Scalable Learning

We create eLearning packages in house which incorporate your organisations identity and branding, without limits on licenses for end users.

Host your online learning

Periquest can host your courses and modules on our own dedicated Learning Management System, and provide learner tracking and analytics.

Consultancy on Demand

Periquest has provided consultancy for clients, across a range of industries across the UK.Let us help your next quest!


Get to know us...

The first question we often receive is simply, what does ‘Periquest’ mean?

..So, Peri means “around”. And Quest, well – it means a quest. A mission – a Goal!
We work around your Quest, that’s our job. And we are very good at it!
Whether that’s eLearning, Graphic Design, Videos, Print or Web and Mobile Development – Periquest is here to help. We have worked for organisations big and small across the UK.

Learning is at the heart of what we do

When we are not creating learning, we are learning ourselves. From the latest instructional design and pedagogical theories to the latest technologies, we pride ourselves on being up-to-date with Learning Technologies.

No Death by Powerpoint!

We love creating innovative and interesting learning materials and wish to rid the world from boring slide decks and eLearning packages. Help us to help you!

Periquest Ltd is proud to be the back of shirt sponsor for Blackburn Rovers Ladies  2020-2021.


What we do best...

Although we love creating all types of digital innovations, we specialise in online learning products. We offer the following products and services:

Periquest Ltd provides excellence in web design with over a decades experience in web design, development and custom CMS, e-commerce and multimedia websites.

Periquest Ltd provides excellence in web design with over a decades experience in web design, development and custom CMS, e-commerce and multimedia websites.

Find out more about Periquest

Online learning solutions and much more...


How we create our products...

There’s nothing worse and less engaging for the end user than cookie-cutter eLearning, that’s why we have a plan…

We work with you to understand the unique requirements of your business and how we can collaborate with your Subject Matter Experts..
We work using Agile software techniques to ensure the solution is delivered to specification and to your schedule.
We offer both statistical and qualitative feedback on courses which are hosted within our Learning Management System.

We Develop Responsibly & Responsively!

Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthfull, but our motto is the products we develop must be developed Responsibly and Responsively.

We ensure the products we create are future-proofed for your business by using the latest software and HTML5 outputs for uploading to the latest Learning Management Systems.  This includes developing responsive content which will work across platforms and devices.