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Periquest sponsors Rovers Ladies for 2020-21

Periquest Ltd is proud to sponsor the back of the Blackburn Rovers Ladies team shirts for the upcoming season.

Periquest became the Ladies Development Team’s first-ever front of shirt and sleeve sponsors for 2019-20 and will now continue their association with the Ladies setup for the forthcoming season. 

Periquest Director and lifelong Rovers supporter Dr Laura Crane said: “It’s a great pleasure and privilege to sponsor the Rovers Ladies teamPeriquest is extremely passionate about developing both individuals and a team’s potential and I wish the Club every success for the coming season.

Rovers Ladies General Manager Jane Parker commented: “We’re delighted to have Periquest on board with the Ladies first-team this year. It’s great to see local businesses continuing to invest in women’s football during the current climate and we will endeavour to do them proud during the campaign.

For more information on the sponsorship visit Rovers Ladies News. Or alternatively, find out more about us as a company and the services we offer our clients.

Virtual Onboarding Amidst Lockdown

The main objective when hiring new employees is to ensure the fastest route from training to being trained. Becoming a full-fledged member of the team often entails being tutored and asking questions about your job so as to be properly and thoroughly inducted.

Before Covid-19, this would simply take place in the typical work environment. However, everything regarding work has changed. Bringing our career into our homes might not have felt like the most efficient course of action, but it was a necessary one. Productivity has increased in some cases, and various employers have even taking to hiring new members virtually. However, what will the lack of contact do to that integral induction period?

What will change?

Well for starters, every interaction between you and your employer is online. That means emails, conference calls, or using the ‘Zoom’ or ‘Teams’ applications. Your boss might greet and welcome you aboard, as well as other members of staff, all through the Internet. Most businesses now engage in regular calls and send out email blasts to touch base collectively with the team.

A benefit of this process, however, is the fact there is no physical layout of a building to remember. If you’re needing to discuss something work-related with a colleague, they’re easier to find and talk to.

Online onboarding, as it is referred to, was used even before this pandemic started, just uncommonly. Now, however, it is vital to keep the ball rolling in certain fields of work. It can be simple and effective, especially once the company has worked through any kinks and are happy with the training they have in place. It means that new hires will each be given the same information and there is less chance of human error in forgetting to mention a key part of the hires job.

What to look out for

If a business is in need of creating an orientation course to induct new staff members, it is best for them to keep things brief and engaging so they can hit the ground running. The course would do well to express the intrinsic elements of their work to the trainee without over-complicating matters. Of course, in certain instances, it can be hard to do – thankfully e-learning allows to delve deeper into the complex subjects.

It’s never a bad thing to have a personal effect included in online onboarding. It can make that latest hire feel more comfortable and valued. That is why a small welcome from higher-ups can go a long way.

These new methods of work and business are being put to use all over the UK, and even the world. The new-normal for work has changed. For some, there are no more commutes to and from the workplace, and some are even unable to continue their job. Which is why the Internet is a valuable resource, and many are making use of it to keep economies going.

Onboarding is a vital process, and even now it is used to keep us safe by being transferred to an online state.  With Periquest, we offer whitelabel and custom courses such as employee induction training. Our aim is to help you create a smoother and more reliable course for your new staff.

Simply contact us to find out more about what Periquest can do to help.

Learning Technologies Conference 2020

This week, Learning Technologies hosted their 2020 conference in London Docklands, and Periquest’s Director, Doctor Laura Crane, was able to attend.

12/02/20 Learning Technologies conference

The purpose of the event is to broaden horizons and advertise collaborative tools that help businesses to learn and develop. It is known to be “Europe’s most important conference” because the event gives access to a variety of different speakers. Also, they hold webinars every-other-week so that you’re constantly improving.

Doctor Laura Crane “really enjoyed visiting Learning Technologies 2020.”

She says that, “Seeing how busy the conference was really illustrates the popularity and place of Learning Technologies for workforce and personal development.”

Their Exhibitor list includes brands such as Adobe, Capita and many others. Each have their own stalls, a brief description of their company displayed. There is a wide variety of speakers, including a popular one about reskilling videos.

Our Director enjoyed it! Why not see if it’s something your business could benefit from too? Click here for their website, and more information about the Learning Technologies conference 2020.

Lucyna Massage Therapy Website

For the past few months, Periquest has had the privilege of working on a website for Lucyna Massage Therapy, based in Corsham, West Wiltshire. The business is run by Vickie, a very successful Sports Therapist.

The finished website for Lucyna Massage Therapy

The website’s front page includes an ‘about me’ section, a way for you to get to know Vickie, as well as some highly complimentary reviews from satisfied customers.

So what is massage therapy? Why consider looking at our client’s business? Well, there are numerous benefits, improving your health and mind. Your skin tone, circulation and flexibility are proven to become more enhanced from taking part in the therapy. It doesn’t stop there – muscle tensions are reduced and injury recovery is faster – not to mention the relaxation the process provides.

We asked Vickie some questions about the outcome and process too! Here’s what she has to say about working with us:

Periquest have been extremely reliable, helpful, knowledgeable and accessible, with a friendly ‘can do’ attitude.”

I didn’t know anything about creating a website and Laura helped clearly with all aspects of the process, and she was never felt far away if I needed extra support and guidance.”

She listened to my initial ideas about my logo and created lots of amazing designs for me, then tweaked these regularly until I was happy with the outcome I was trying to achieve. Her patience is commendable! I was so happy with the logos that I ended up choosing two designs!

A blown-up look at the website

Laura / Periquest were recommended to me by a very satisfied customer and I would highly recommend them too. They always go the extra mile.

We are more than pleased ourselves to have helped someone on their way to being successful – which we have no doubt this company will be. Thank you Vickie!