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Developing innovative E-Learning applications for your business..

Periquest Ltd have a specialism in E-Learning solutions which combine educational theories and innovative graphic design. Expertise in online training is the focus of the company, wishing to provide quality and cost effective training solutions which can be customized for the unique requirements of your business or project. In order to deliver your project we use a range of rapid authoring software, multimedia design tools Tin-Can API and SCORM standards.

One of our specialisms at Periquest Ltd is the development of E-Learning packages which introduce change, more specifically new software and ERP’s to employees. Ensuring the learner has the best possible experience when interacting with new software and systems is crucial for acceptance and successful adoption.

The basis of our learning design is Keller’s ARCS principle, in which Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction are the key points of the application. For more information, or to ask for a demonstration of the E-Learning products we have developed, please contact us.

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