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Free Email Security Course

Free Email Security Course

Latest reports from Internet security watchdogs demonstrate a worrying increase in online scams during the Covid-19 crisis. Here at Periquest, we felt compelled to help in whatever way we can. The risks and consequences caused by the Coronavirus are rising beyond the obvious public health, job losses and economic issues. Cyberthreats, including phishing scams, pharming and overall spamming of email accounts, are spiking as online criminals take advantage of the coronavirus to attack the growing remote workforces. At the same time, most organisational resources are being directed towards keeping networks running and ensuring critical systems remain online.

free email security course

Therefore,  here at Periquest we are giving away a completely free eLearning package which is a ten minute refresher for the colleagues within your organisation. The course concentrates on What, Why and How in terms of limiting the risk of becoming a victim of Phishing in your day to day life.

And no…although most phishing scams rely on the recipient believing in an offer which is too good to be true, this is no Phishing Scam! – just are simply helping organisations and businesses in this trying time.

Any questions or comments about the free course offer – please don’t hesitate to contact us further. Fill out the form below to receive the module in zipped format for your LMS.

Don't have an LMS, but want to view the course?

Don't worry! - we've got you covered!

We can provide access to this course via our dedicated LMS, contact us with the number of users you require access to the learning module and we will reply back with links and access credentials.