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Latest Research We <3! November 2020

Although we love building learning products, here at Periquest. we also love to learn and with a background in the domain of academic research – we keep up to date with the latest papers in the world of Learning Technology and Instructional Design.

These are the pieces of research that caught our eye this month:

Co-designing tools for workplace learning
Dennerlein, S. M., Tomberg, V., Treasure-Jones, T., Theiler, D., Lindstaedt, S., & Ley, T. (2020). Co-designing tools for workplace learning. Information and Learning Sciences.

Supporting and representing Learning Design with digital tools: in between guidance and flexibility
Pozzi, F., Asensio-Perez, J. I., Ceregini, A., Dagnino, F. M., Dimitriadis, Y., & Earp, J. (2020). Supporting and representing Learning Design with digital tools: in between guidance and flexibility. Technology, Pedagogy and Education29(1), 109-128.

Learner and User Experience Research (Book)
Schmidt, M., Tawfik, A. A., Jahnke, I., & Earnshaw, Y. (2020). Learner and User Experience Research.

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