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Privacy Awareness, courtesy of Periquest

In honour of today being Privacy Awareness Day, we at Periquest want to tell you why our E-learning solutions are a must.

In the modern day, it is a lot harder to keep things under-lock-and-key, especially online. It can be difficult to know how to keep your private information exactly that: private.

In the same way you would lock your house, you should lock your computer. Passwords are the main barrier between our personal data and strangers. Then, of course, there’s the difficulty of setting the right password, one not easily guessed. The most common combinations used by people are ‘qwerty’ and ‘password’ – including ‘12345678’. Not the hardest string of characters to crack.

With Periquest’s E-learning packages, you’ll learn all you need to about keeping private data well-protected. Your customers will benefit by having secure intelligence and your company will garner a reputation for being trustworthy.

We understand that in the age of technology, things are constantly growing and evolving. That makes packages like ours all the more important. Cyber attacks can cost millions, as seen in recent cases, but having the know-how on preventing one makes money instead of losing it.

Why not go to our website to learn more about Periquest’s privacy awareness E-learning courses.

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