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Supporting UK Businesses during COVID-19

Due to the havoc caused in this worldwide pandemic, we understand that certain organisations may struggle to train their staff. However, Periquest would like to offer our hosting services for free in this trying time. Local businesses in the Lancashire area are more than welcome to use Periquest servers to deliver online training to their staff. We also extend this offer to organisations and businesses beyond the country and around the country.

In the midst of this virus, learning doesn’t have to take a back-burner. With many of us self-isolating, now may be as good a time as any to throw ourselves into education. It’s still important to keep learning in the face of adversity.

Already, you can see people in local communities offering their services for the elderly and disabled to make life easier for them during this unrest. Periquest would like to do our part for the economy and small businesses: whoever is in need of it.

Please, feel free to email community@periquest.co.uk to ask any questions you may have, or comment below. We look forward to banding together, and supporting one another as best we can.

Remember to wash your hands for at least twenty-seconds (singing Happy Birthday twice) regularly throughout the day. Stay safe.