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Beyond the Virus

We have always been making history. For as long as we can remember as a species, technological and medical advancements have been passed down through generation, after generation. Our youth learn about eras that came before, and how humanity struggled through hardships and found new and innovative ways to make our existence easier.

The Coronavirus ravaging the Earth right now is no different, it’s just that we are the ones living through a time that will no doubt stay with us for the rest of our lives. We’ll have stories on how we coped with lockdown regulations and how we occupied ourselves. No doubt future children will be writing history essays about what life was like during these unprecedented times, and we will readily answer.

To get through this, finding positive notes are key. For instance, the lack of traffic and human presence has given our home a chance to heal and undo some damage wrought on her. Some of us have been given that extra, precious time with our loved ones. The world is more connected than ever before.

The internet has allowed us to stay in contact with the people we miss, as well as keep our countries running. The NHS has worked relentlessly to aid the UK in this pandemic, and as referred to by Matt Hancock, their support staff have been their “backbone”, allowing things to run smoothly behind the scenes. The Pensions staff have been busy with their Stop Awards as retired NHS doctors and nurses to come back to work to face this pandemic.

Companies are even looking at keeping some of their employees as homeworkers even after the events we are living through. This is due, in part, to the cost of arranging for this to happen as well as a productivity increase that has occured in some cases.

There have been remarkable accounts of people in our nation pulling together when it counts, which has been clearly demonstrated during this pandemic. People across the country are volunteering to help NHS on the frontlines, and sewing scrubs for hospitals and doctors surgeries across the UK.

No matter where you are in the world, we hope you are safe and well.