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Virtual Onboarding Amidst Lockdown

The main objective when hiring new employees is to ensure the fastest route from training to being trained. Becoming a full-fledged member of the team often entails being tutored and asking questions about your job so as to be properly and thoroughly inducted.

Before Covid-19, this would simply take place in the typical work environment. However, everything regarding work has changed. Bringing our career into our homes might not have felt like the most efficient course of action, but it was a necessary one. Productivity has increased in some cases, and various employers have even taking to hiring new members virtually. However, what will the lack of contact do to that integral induction period?

What will change?

Well for starters, every interaction between you and your employer is online. That means emails, conference calls, or using the ‘Zoom’ or ‘Teams’ applications. Your boss might greet and welcome you aboard, as well as other members of staff, all through the Internet. Most businesses now engage in regular calls and send out email blasts to touch base collectively with the team.

A benefit of this process, however, is the fact there is no physical layout of a building to remember. If you’re needing to discuss something work-related with a colleague, they’re easier to find and talk to.

Online onboarding, as it is referred to, was used even before this pandemic started, just uncommonly. Now, however, it is vital to keep the ball rolling in certain fields of work. It can be simple and effective, especially once the company has worked through any kinks and are happy with the training they have in place. It means that new hires will each be given the same information and there is less chance of human error in forgetting to mention a key part of the hires job.

What to look out for

If a business is in need of creating an orientation course to induct new staff members, it is best for them to keep things brief and engaging so they can hit the ground running. The course would do well to express the intrinsic elements of their work to the trainee without over-complicating matters. Of course, in certain instances, it can be hard to do – thankfully e-learning allows to delve deeper into the complex subjects.

It’s never a bad thing to have a personal effect included in online onboarding. It can make that latest hire feel more comfortable and valued. That is why a small welcome from higher-ups can go a long way.

These new methods of work and business are being put to use all over the UK, and even the world. The new-normal for work has changed. For some, there are no more commutes to and from the workplace, and some are even unable to continue their job. Which is why the Internet is a valuable resource, and many are making use of it to keep economies going.

Onboarding is a vital process, and even now it is used to keep us safe by being transferred to an online state.  With Periquest, we offer whitelabel and custom courses such as employee induction training. Our aim is to help you create a smoother and more reliable course for your new staff.

Simply contact us to find out more about what Periquest can do to help.

Beyond the Virus

We have always been making history. For as long as we can remember as a species, technological and medical advancements have been passed down through generation, after generation. Our youth learn about eras that came before, and how humanity struggled through hardships and found new and innovative ways to make our existence easier.

The Coronavirus ravaging the Earth right now is no different, it’s just that we are the ones living through a time that will no doubt stay with us for the rest of our lives. We’ll have stories on how we coped with lockdown regulations and how we occupied ourselves. No doubt future children will be writing history essays about what life was like during these unprecedented times, and we will readily answer.

To get through this, finding positive notes are key. For instance, the lack of traffic and human presence has given our home a chance to heal and undo some damage wrought on her. Some of us have been given that extra, precious time with our loved ones. The world is more connected than ever before.

The internet has allowed us to stay in contact with the people we miss, as well as keep our countries running. The NHS has worked relentlessly to aid the UK in this pandemic, and as referred to by Matt Hancock, their support staff have been their “backbone”, allowing things to run smoothly behind the scenes. The Pensions staff have been busy with their Stop Awards as retired NHS doctors and nurses to come back to work to face this pandemic.

Companies are even looking at keeping some of their employees as homeworkers even after the events we are living through. This is due, in part, to the cost of arranging for this to happen as well as a productivity increase that has occured in some cases.

There have been remarkable accounts of people in our nation pulling together when it counts, which has been clearly demonstrated during this pandemic. People across the country are volunteering to help NHS on the frontlines, and sewing scrubs for hospitals and doctors surgeries across the UK.

No matter where you are in the world, we hope you are safe and well.

Covid-19 outbreak leads to e-learning demand increase

Due to the current outbreak of the virus Covid-19, there has been a drastic increase in the thirst for knowledge – particularly online. E-learning is flying off the electronic shelves, and into the hands of those eager to learn. With children being homeschooled and work being done from home, the rapid change to everyday life has left some of us wanting. Thankfully, the gap in our routine is being filled by e-learning, a healthy way for us to keep our minds fit, making sure to exercise them as well as our bodies.

Companies that provide e-learning, such as Pearson, are reporting that the amount of people trying to gain access to their product has “quadrupled”, becoming four-times as active as it was before the lockdown began.

With many countries struggling with their new ‘normal’, a host of people are finding themselves turning to online shopping, or watching more of the television they love. There are some who are spending their time being productive by either focusing on doing the odd jobs around the house they never had the time to before, or turning their efforts to the online education provided.

Businesses are giving away free samples, such as ourselves with our free Phishing package, in the hopes it will encourage more people to spend this difficult time doing something beneficial to themselves, their business, or their family. There is no age-limit on learning.

Why not comment below with how your spending your time? Feel free to tweet us using the hashtag #lockdownwithperiquest so we can see what you’re getting up to.

Stay safe.

Supporting UK Businesses during COVID-19

Due to the havoc caused in this worldwide pandemic, we understand that certain organisations may struggle to train their staff. However, Periquest would like to offer our hosting services for free in this trying time. Local businesses in the Lancashire area are more than welcome to use Periquest servers to deliver online training to their staff. We also extend this offer to organisations and businesses beyond the country and around the country.

In the midst of this virus, learning doesn’t have to take a back-burner. With many of us self-isolating, now may be as good a time as any to throw ourselves into education. It’s still important to keep learning in the face of adversity.

Already, you can see people in local communities offering their services for the elderly and disabled to make life easier for them during this unrest. Periquest would like to do our part for the economy and small businesses: whoever is in need of it.

Please, feel free to email community@periquest.co.uk to ask any questions you may have, or comment below. We look forward to banding together, and supporting one another as best we can.

Remember to wash your hands for at least twenty-seconds (singing Happy Birthday twice) regularly throughout the day. Stay safe.

Once Upon A Periquest

Once upon a time, in a land not so far,

There was a young girl, playing with her toy cars.

This girl had a dream that one day she would own,

Her very own business, live in her dream home.

For this to come true, the girl understood,

She would have to work hard, and work hard she would.

Graduation day, and this girl’s now a woman,

Her company dream would come to fruition.

So she drew up a website, came up with a name,

And set out to gather both followers and fame.

It was a success! Her website: the best.

Because she had help from Periquest.

We were happy to help, and train her staff,

Our e-learning packages are a hoot-and-a-half.

The woman had her dream home, and she filled it with laughter.

Both she and her company lived happily-ever-after.

Happy national fairy-tale day!